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Chesher's Kittens!
Tiger (the stripped one) and Bear are wondering around now as kittens do. It's great having kittens in the house and has reminded Jamie and Jeremy how much they want to have children (in the future).
Shenandoah Valley
One of Virginia's most lovable trait is it's vast terain. From Beaches to Mountains and farm land in between, the landscape can be breath taking.

We visited Shenandoah Valley, Virginia in the Spring of 2004 and even visited Luray Caverns. It was a great little trip!

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Ella & Dwayne's Wedding
Jamie and Jeremy spent two days between the rehearsal, wedding and dinner and even Jeremy getting lost on his way back from Wal-Mart the day of the wedding. It was a very special weekend, but reminded us that they do wedding very well in Vegas!

Ella & Dwayne's Wedding Picture