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Tiger & Lilly Bear
Our newest addition to the Jeramie Household. Tiger & Lilly Bear were born March 15, 2004 and are as playful as any 6 week old kitten could be.

We've Gathered more pictures Here!
Ella & Dwayne
One of Jamie's best friends, Ella got married March 27, 2004 to Dwayne. Jamie played Matron of Honor (for the guys in the crowd, that's the head Bride's Maid). Of course Jeremy played the dependable "honey do" man and amature photographer.

It was a great two days, but Jamie and Jeremy were extremely tired after two days. And confirmed our belief in small weddings. Vegas was also mentioned!
Cliff is Jeremy's best friend. Also known as the The Great And Powerful Oz and founder and owner of TotalGlobalDomination.Org. He enjoys finding various ways to deplete his bank account and toys, something Jeremy understands all to well!