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I Found Her! I Found Her! Yes, in 27 years, I've never found someone as enjoyable or as agreeable as Jamie. To say it is true love is not enough, Jamie truly complements me and I her. Just last year I was wondering if I would ever find someone to spend the rest of my life with. Now I am engaged to the woman I could think of nothing less but to spend my life and start a family with. And the one thing I will always remember about Jamie is our first date.

I met Jamie though a mutual friend. As we talked both online through e-mail and over the phone, we found each other interesting and I found myself wanting to call Jamie again and again. At the time, I was living in Norfolk, VA and working during the week outside of Raleigh, NC. Jamie lived half way in the middle, so we met one Friday night while I was on my way home at a Denny's for coffee.
When I arrived, I was driving my old beat up Geo Metro, which honestly, I was slightly ashamed of owning. Jamie was driving a Red '99 Beetle which I spotted immediately. Not wanting Jamie to notice my ugly Metro up close, I parked many cars down from her. I walked over to her and noticed immediately that not only was she pretty in a very plain way but was also "Pleasantly Plump." I was immediately attracted to her. Our date was definitely starting off on the right foot!
We went in to Denny's together and talked over coffee and chicken fingers. The conversation went from parents to siblings to life and love. But we just talked and laughed. Her presence was extremely comforting to me and I could see she was having a good time too. We were both polite to each other and I wondered it that was just because we barely knew each other. It wasn't. And that is one of Jamie's highlights! She is very polite and caring for everyone around her at all times.
After nearly two hours of sitting in a booth, we both were itching to leave, but neither of us wanted to part ways quite yet. We compromised and went for a walk together. It started off with more of those first date jitters; wondering if she would mind if I held her hand and if she liked me, looking for any little signs. Although I was amazed the night was going so well, the doubts were still there. But we continued talking and laughing as we walked around the hotel complex the Denny's we now refer to as "Our Denny's" was located in.
When we got around to the back of the building to a more private area, Jamie grabbed my arm and put it in hers. Soon after we found ourselves embraced and kissing passionately. It turns out that Jamie and I are very compatible kissers, a great bonus! We continued walking around that hotel for an hour in each other's arms, stopping once and a while to try out each other's kissing ability. But it was that simple moment when Jamie took my arm in hers that has been one of the most memorable in my life. All my doubts vanished and at that moment, I think I instantly fell in love with Jamie. And Jamie agrees that she fell in love that night behind the hotel as well.
That night has become a significant turning point in my life. I no longer wonder if I will ever find someone I would need to make compromises with to love. And I never understood the true feeling of being completely loved. I love Jamie and the person I have become because of her. The best part is Jamie feels the same way about me. We were engaged a week before Valentine's Day this past year and will be married next summer.
Written By - Jeremy