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Jamie is an Angel
Woman come and woman go, but Angels never leave you. Spoiled like no other, Jamie has truely stolen Jeremy's Heat. After all, how many people spend countless hours on a webpage devoted to someone they love?

A truely southern woman, Jamie is sweet and kind. Having just the right mix of honey and spice, she filled Jeremy's life with excitement and most importantly, Love.
Jamie's VW Beetle
A classic reborn, the New Beetle has quickly become the Chick car of the new decade. Not only does Jamie look good in it, but Jeremy thinks it's butt is almost as cute as Jamie's!
A True Pet Lover
Jamie Loves her pets more than Jeremy. She truely feels her cats are part of her family. Another sure sign that Jamie is a beautiful person.

These two are the newest in the house. Tiger (Duh! the one with stripes) and Bear are so cute!
Of course, Jamie has a SIRIUS Satellite Radio in her car as well! After all, there's nothing worth listening to in Rural Virgina!