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Jeremy is a Geek
There is no doubts, Jeremy is a highly skilled Computer Anything. From software development and web development to techinician and hardware specialist, there's always something rattling around in Jeremy's Head
You can view Jeremy's New Car Computer and his new office on
AerioStyle.com - SIRIUSBackstage.com - MP3Car.com
And A Couple of Upgrades!

Jeremy's Suzuki X-90
A very unusual vehicle, Jeremy's Suzuki X-90 is one of only 7,000 imported from 1996 to 1998. This two seater SUV with T-Tops get the attention. With a kick'n sound system and Neon lights everywhere, you can't help to notice Jeremy's X!
There is a great new subscription service, Satellite Radio. 60 Streams of Commercial free music. Finally Jeremy has something to listen to and Jeremy has the Satellite Radio bug!
With his hobbiest electronics background and desire to find out how stuff works, Jeremy found a way to connect SIRIUS Satellite Radios to his computer. The rest was history, and a couple long weekends of programming! With a custom written Visual Basic .NET Program and MySQL/PHP on a webserver, ItsOnSIRIUS.com was born!
Rosie Rumpe's Regal Dump
Jeremy played Henery VIII at Rosie Rumpe's Regal Dump Dinner Theatre in Williamsburg, VA for over a year. It was exciting, but when Jeremy moved from Norfolk, it wasn't possible to continue.
Jeremy Misses It
There are few jobs Jeremy misses. Playing Henery VIII was one of them. But once Jeremy met Jamie, much of the fun of the part died. It simply wasn't as fun flirting with the woman in the crowd.