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Lilly Bear
The kitten formally known as Bear. We tried just Lilly (you know, Tiger Lilly) but it just didn't fit. Finally Lilly Bear won as the new name for this very fuzzy little kitten
Tiger brings new meaning to being Dead Asleep. Completely possable, Tiger is great fun asleep!
Edgar is Evil
Moody is an understated when it comes to edgar. Jeremy's cat is truely Evil.
Someone Wants In
Chesher, like most cats, knows how to get her way! Think of it as Chesher's Door Bell.
Isn't he simply adorable.
Just Kidding We Love Edgar
Edgar has been with Jeremy for three years now and is a true cat. He loves his freedom and owns the house.
Lilly Bear - The Night Stalker
Day or night, Tiger is full of spunk. Just don't let him near your toes!
Mom & Kids
There is one thing Jeremy is sure of, Jamie will make the most wonderful mother!